beast4.pngFromHenryMcCoy-BeastNot finished but lost interest.



ironman.pngFeel like I have to draw something or I’ll go crazy so I quickly drew/painted this in photoshop. Then I drew beast.png From HenryMcCoy-Beast.

Kept going got to thisbeast2.pngStart doing portraits, get a book on digital painting techniques.




Woke up late again. Made this in photoshopspidermanFrom this reference e4eaff59acaf8cbda98d865fcf23b6b0Its not finished yet. I don’t think I am going to finish it. Probably do a sports picture next. swatchesWorked on blending. Will look up tutorial how to do clouds tomorrow. So tomorrow I will look up clouds and environments.
Oh yeah. Got my advanced reading copy of Jed McKenna’s latest book Dreamstate a Conspiracy Theory


Woke up late. Watched a movie. Worked a little on the wolverine drawing and this is what I got done. wolverine from this reference. Mvc2-wolverine

Didn’t get to run a mile but I plan on timing a mile tomorrow and buying some health foods.

Worked in a little. Plan on not using Treehouse anymore and learning from reading documentation and searching google if I get stuck.


UPDATE: Finished wolverine:wolverineShould of lower the opacity when hatching the lower legs.

What I did today

cyclopsI drew this in photoshop from this referencecyclopsIt took me about an hour to do it. I plan on drawing wolverine tomorrow.

I didn’t workout today but I plan on running a couple miles tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. I also plan to buy some healthy foods so I don’t eat all the junk food laying around my house.

I worked on for about an hour today as well. I learned the basics of python such as the for loop, if conditionals, the while loop. I need to take better notes while learning in python so I can better review what I learned because I learned a lot more than what I wrote I did here on this blog today.

I also worked with my client for two hours and forty six minutes.

That about sums up my day for today.

First Post

Hi, this blog is where I review what I’ve done with my day so that I might see some progress made within my chosen pursuits. Right now I can’t decide if I want to focus on digital art or coding so I’m doing both. Also I’m working towards getting a six pack (starting tomorrow) so I’ll keep records of my progress in that.

This is a sketch I did yesterday just to see where my skills are at.

Untitled-1.pngAs you can see I’m a little bit rusty in the drawing department and I have no painting experience so I didn’t even try to get a baseline with that. As for getting a six pack this is where physique is at today.


As for coding I have a little bit of experience with java but I’m going with the python language track at So I will be reviewing what I learned there each day and maybe write some code here just as a review.