First Post

Hi, this blog is where I review what I’ve done with my day so that I might see some progress made within my chosen pursuits. Right now I can’t decide if I want to focus on digital art or coding so I’m doing both. Also I’m working towards getting a six pack (starting tomorrow) so I’ll keep records of my progress in that.

This is a sketch I did yesterday just to see where my skills are at.

Untitled-1.pngAs you can see I’m a little bit rusty in the drawing department and I have no painting experience so I didn’t even try to get a baseline with that. As for getting a six pack this is where physique is at today.


As for coding I have a little bit of experience with java but I’m going with the python language track at So I will be reviewing what I learned there each day and maybe write some code here just as a review.


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